Impact Bible Church is Charismatic Pentecostal Church, with an Apostolic and Prophetic drive. We are more focus than ever before. The Church is a founded on Jesus Christ on 29th May 1988, located at Sawer Somanya, in the Eastern Region of Ghana West Africa. Though the Church is located in a less privileged community, its Vision and Mission so divides the membership of the Church, to the extent that everyone gives out the best to fulfill these assignments. The Church receives missionaries from any point of the world, some living in the community as being taken care of by the Church, for at least a year. The Church believes in the entirety of the living Bible and so encourage especially members to live practical Christain lives. In fulfilling this, the Church realized that the canker, which is working against Christians today, is marriage. As a result, the Church has taken upon itself to help resolve this unmeritorious canker. This is done through a weekly preaching of the word of God on marriage. This is really helping, not only members of the Church but the entire community and beyond. Moreover, the Chuch believes that the full gospel is not preached if the needy is not helped. In the light of this, the Church identifies and assists such. Besides, the church believes in the general development of the individual. To fulfill this, therefore, education, had been discovered as the main engine which drives this in this regard, the church does not only encourage members it also assist, when necessary, those who really need help, financially materially and any area to ensure that the one who to support does not encounter any further need.