Impact Bible Church is a Charismatic Pentecostal Church, with an Apostolic and Prophetic drive. We are more focus than ever before. The Church is founded on Jesus Christ on the 29th May, 1988 and is located at Sawer, El-Shaddai Road Somanya, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa. Though the Church is located in a less privileged community, its Vision and Mission so defines the membership of the Church, to the extent that everyone gives out the best to fulfill these assignments.

The Church receives missionaries from any part of the world. Some needy and aged living in the community are being taken care of by the Church. The Church believes in the entirety of the living Bible and so encourages members to live practical Christian lives. In fulfilling this, the Church has realized that the canker, which is working against Christians today, is marriage. As a result, the Church has taken upon itself to help resolve this unmeritorious canker. This is done through a weekly preaching of the word of God on marriage on a local radio station (Rite 90.1 FM). This is really shaping, not only the Church members but the entire community and beyond.

Moreover, the Church believes that the full gospel is not preached if the needy is not supported. In the light of this, the Church identifies and assists such. Besides, the church believes in the general development of the individual. To fulfill this, education had been discovered as the main engine which drives development. In this regard, the church does not only encourage members, it also assists, when necessary, those who really need help financially, materially and in any area to ensure that the beneficiary does not encounter any further need.




  • To carry out the Commands of the Lord Jesus Christ as spelt out in the Great Commission.
  • To help in the Socio-Economic Development of the Nation through the Establishment of Educational Institution, Hospital and other means that will help in the furtherance of this goal.
  • To establish Churches all over Ghana and other parts of the world as the Lord leads.

Our Spiritual Life

With a firm conviction in days ahead of us, we will offer opportunities for ministry and advancement of the KINGDOM OF GOD, both locally and internationally:

We shall become an international ministry which will reach the 21st century man with the gospel.

We shall also provide DISCIPLESHIP programs, that is, instructing people in the ways of God and encouraging them to walk and move with the Holy Spirit, so that we as a church at large, we may all come to the measure of the stature of the fullness of CHRIST

As a Local and International Ministry, we have resolved to develop, share and implement a vision that will result in an increase harvest of souls.

We envisage (envision) a Church that will worship God from the heart; honoring Him in every way of their daily lives.

Genuine prayer, praise and worship will be centered on the Holy Spirit.


The purpose is to instill into individuals the true life of CHRIST and empower them in the things of God.

We therefore seek to involve as many people as possible in corporate fasting, seeking God for revival, boldness to witness and intercede for others.

We encourage the church to diligently study GOD’S WORD, practice SANCTIFICATION and strive for SPIRITUAL MATURITY.

  • The vision here is to have WELL-TRAINED leaders in every departmental ministry in the church. To accomplish this, we conduct classes for Teacher-Training, Ushering, Altar workers, Nursery, Youth, etc.

    Job descriptions are provided for our workers. Thus, making their assignments clearer.

    Leaders go through refresher courses periodically to be more equipped in the handling of new converts. The converts are nurtured to become disciples and later become ministers of the Gospel.

Considering our present position, we see the need for expanding our follow-up efforts and increasing the number of trained workers, especially, in the areas of the youth and children’s ministries.

Our preaching and teaching ministry reflects the need for UNITY, LOVE, and CO-OPERATION and COMMITMENT among the members of the Church.

We see our Church as one that accepts people of all TRIBES AND NATIONALITIES, without judgment or partiality.

We seek ways to make our Church more visible in the community and surrounding areas and this is our priority.

We strive to communicate the entire vision clearly to the people.


Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah

Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah was born on the 30th November 1960 at Saint Martin’s Catholic Hospital, Agormanya in the Manya Krobo Municipal


He started his Basic education at Ayermesu RC/L/A Primary school in 1970 and continued at Akro Boys’ L/A Middle School between 1974 to 1978. He furthered his Secondary Education at Universal College, Somanya from 1980 to 1984, he continued to upgrade himself by enrolling in several Bible Schools and Colleges. Among them are:

All Nations Bible Training Centre, (Diploma in Pastoral Study) Accra –from 1992-1993.

Victory International Bible Training School, (Diploma in Biblical Study) Accra, and Somanya Yilo Krobo – from 1994-1996

The International School of Christ, (Diploma in Missions) Accra- from 14th June -13th August, 1999


Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah was born among three sisters. He is the only male child.

He got married on 6th April, 1991 to Mrs. Sarah Larteley Nai-Mensah, who was the past Municipal Head of Dept of Social Welfare and Community Development, now retired. They are blessed with five children: three girls and two boys, Phebe, Philip, Rhoda, Ruthlove and Eubulus and two foster children Lois Yayra Doh and Jochebed Anyeley Nai-Mensah. He is dedicated to his family life and loves that they all are working together to accomplish the Great Commission.

He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal savior on the 17th October, 1983 at 8:15 p.m, in Accra through Rev. David Glen Larson from Fellowship of Christian AssembliesCanada, then Senior Pastor of Melfort Christian Fellowship, Canada, and now Associate Pastor of C3 Cottonwood, Arizona – U.S.A

Unrelenting into his quest to know the Lord Jesus, he was called to Ministry and Faithfully responded to His call as a pastor. He was ordained, certificated and licensed to preach the gospel to all nations and he is now the Senior Pastor and founder Impact Bible Church, Somanya. Impact Bible Church was Founder on 29th May, 1988 and Director of Hoffnung Academy.

During these years of ministry, he has emphasized the Supremacy of the Word of God, always encouraging people to develop a personal relationship through Prayer, Study the word of God, and Fellowship with other believers in the Body of Christ.

He is passionate about impacting the local community by helping the poor and providing resources to strengthen marriages and families. Rev. Nai-Mensah has a dynamic gift to connect and motivate people; which has made him a father to many young adults and ministers. He has successfully mended broken marriages, reconciled and re-united wayward children with their families. His Church leaders are proud to acknowledge the sterling qualities he has exhibited in his pastoral duties which include humility, dedication, and passion to work, team spirit, and mutual respect for everybody as he oversees their work.

He carries the Apostolic and the Prophetic mantle in his life. He is a true Man of God.

He preaches every Saturday on a local radio station, Rite 90.1 FM, between 6.30 am – 7.00 am on Marriage.

  1. Impact Bible Church – Ghana
  2. Hoffnung Academy – Ghana,
  3. Papa’s Garden Home – Ghana
  4. Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies – USA,
  5. Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministries int. – USA,
  6. Church on The Way Praise Chapel of Chicago ILLINOIS – USA,
  7. Salvation and Deliverance Church, New York City, NY – USA,
  8. Victory Int. Bible Training School of Tema – Ghana,
  9. Ke Int. Ministries of Michigan – USA,
  10. Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle, Brooklyn New York – USA,
  11. Namseoul Central Church in Seoul – South Korea,
  12. Train Em Up Ministries, Phoenix Arizona – USA,
  13. Global Network of Int. Students, Virginia Beach VA – USA,
  14. Deliverance Worldwide Ministries Inc. Port Charlotte Florida – USA,
  15. Dorcas Mission Brooklyn New York – USA,
  16. Family Worship Center, Accra – Ghana,
  17. Papa’s Garden Gatekeepers, Somanya – Ghana,
  18. Pais Ghana, Somanya,
  19. Somanya Christian Fellowship – Ghana,
  20. Global Revival Ministries, Accra – Ghana.
  • Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah, has accepted an invitation and participated in international pastoral conferences and missionary activities in the following countries

    1. Ivory Coast – 1993,
    2. Nigeria – 1993,
    3. South Korea – 2005,
    4. Togo – 2009,
    5. Kenya – 2009,
    6. South Korea – 2010,
    7. South Korea – 2012,
    8. Singapore – 2013,
    9. Singapore – 2018,
    10. South Korea – 2018,
    11. South Korea – 2019,
    12. U.S.A – 2020.
    13. U.S.A – 2022

I am looking into the faces of people, who are saying; give me the hard places,

Give me the impossible places, because the Kingdom of God is within me. That is why you can change this world.

The devil is trembling and the world is falling apart. But you can step up on the brink of the world and say it’s all right, we have everything under control because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Look to Jesus, and we will bring you the answer. I have put you into the world for this occasion. It’s your day to do My Will.

I do not give you a call to just do your best, to try to do all you can.

I give you only one call and that is to succeed, overcome, conquer, occupy, cast out, tear down, drive and take charge over the works of the enemy. I have given the anointing and the equipment.

And this day, I send you forth that you might do those things which I have willed to be done.

I have chosen you this day and set you apart for my very Purpose. Only look unto me’


IBC Initiatives

We have set up a contingency ministry which is both proactive and reactive in handling crises and other social responsibilities.

The main tools used are; Seminars, Counseling, Teaching on marriage, Parenting, Finances, etc.

Also, families are encouraged to spend quality time together.

We envisage (envision) a Church that will worship God from the heart; honoring Him in every way of their daily lives.

Genuine prayer, praise and worship will be centered on the Holy Spirit.

The purpose is to seek out and help individuals who are in spiritual, financial, physical, psychological, and emotional need.

The purpose is to develop a food barn and wardrobe to feed and clothe the poor and needy, visit the prisons, and minister to the aged, infirmed, and orphans.

The Church is committed in commissioning trained and missionaries for Church planting.

The Church hopes to reach places as the Lord directs and open doors.

We encourage our members to join short- and long-term ministerial teams to missions in their local towns as part of our vision.

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