My Calling

Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah

I am looking into the faces of people, who are saying; give me the hard places,

Give me the impossible places, because the Kingdom of God is within me. That is why you can change this world.

The devil is trembling and the world is falling apart. But you can’t step up on the brink of the world and say it’s all right, we have everything under control because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Look to Jesus, and we will bring you the answer. I have put you into the world for this occasion. It’s your day to do my WILL.

I do not give you a call to just do your best, to try to do all you can.

I give you only one call and that is to succeed, overcome, conquer, occupy, cast out, tear down, drive and take charge over the works of the enemy. I have given the anointing and the equipment.

And this day, I send you forth that you might do those things which I have willed to be done.

I have chosen you this day and set you apart for my very purpose. Only look unto Me’